Name,Major,Minor,"Graduation Stream",College,"Internship Company","Project Title","Experience (Month)","Company Name","Career Preferences","Additional Certification Possessed","LinkedIn Profile" ABHAYA,Marketing,"Operations Management",B.TECH.,Iec-Cet,"HCL Technology","Position Buuuk As A Premium Design And Innovative Consultancy For Singapore Market",29,"Klassic Wheels Pvt. Ltd.",Marcom,, "ABHI SARKAR",Marketing,"Operations Management",B.Com,"Digboi College","Incubate IND","Digital Marketing Strategy Of IncubateIND along with Data Extraction and Competitive Analysis.",,,"Business Development/ Sales",, "ABHIJIT PAUL",Marketing,"Operations Management",BBA,"New Horizon College",Talk360,"Developed Your Vision Into An Irresistible Application Of Talk 360.",,,"Business Development/ Sales",, "ABHINAV GOYAL",Finance,"Business Analytics",B.Com,Sol,"The H-Web","Costing A Venture Capital Training Apprenticeship Program",,,"Financial Research (FR)",, "ABHINAV KUMAR",Marketing,"Operations Management",BBA,"Shri Guru Teg Bahadur Institute Of Management And Information Technology",Talk360,"Working For Talk360",,,"Business Development/ Sales",, "ABHISHEK RANJAN",Marketing,"Operations Management",B.Sc,Srjssss,Navicare,"A Study On Navi Care Medical Tourism",,,"Business Development/ Sales",, "ABHISHEK SINGH","OB & HR","Business Analytics",B.Sc,"Ihm Jaipur",Alpe,"Evaluate The App And Target Customer Of India",,,"Talent Acquisition (TA)",, "ADESH SINGH",Marketing,"Operations Management",B.Com,"School Of Management Sciences",Reportcard,"Study Of Expansion Of Business Geographically (Specifically Southeast Asia).",,,"Business Development/ Sales","Digital Marketing", "AISHANI SAHU",Marketing,"Business Analytics",B.Com,"Vssd College",PeerSpot,"To Enhance The Company Presence In Digital Platform And Inducing The Student Mentoring In Peerspot.",,,Marcom,, "AKASH C MATHEWS",Marketing,"Operations Management",B.A.,"Subharti University","Thrive Global","Designing Pro-Brainiac Contents For Post-Covid Business Conditions",31,"Hcl, Encore,Infoedge",Marcom,"Digital Marketing", "Akinchan Jain",Marketing,"OB & HR",BBA,"Pt Deen Dayal Upadhyay Mangement College",,"Expanding The Database And Client List Of Tenl.Io",15,"Nexgen Fabrics Pvt Ltd","Business Development/ Sales","5 Certificates Completed From Coursera", "AKRITI DWIVEDI","OB & HR","Business Analytics",BBA,Kkc,"Dot Glasses","A Research And Study To Develop Processes In Setting Up Dot Glasses In Indian Market: Human Resource Aspect",,,"HR Generalist",, "AMIT KUMAR",Marketing,"Operations Management",B.TECH.,"Galgotias College Of Engineering And Technology",Navicare,"To provide an excellent assistance to our clients and make it a successful company",,,"Business Development/ Sales",, "ANAND KUMAR MISHRA",Marketing,"Business Analytics",B.Com,"Maharshi Dayanand University",5by7,"A study on Virtualised Marketing Strategies of 5by7",,,Marcom,, "ANANT SHARMA",Marketing,"Operations Management",BBA,"Fairfield Institute Of Management & Technology","Coshal Art","A Study On Business Development And Digital Marketing Of Coshal Art",,,Marcom,, "ANANYA SNEHI",Marketing,"Operations Management",B.A.,"Motilal Nehru College",Scyara,"Product Marketing In Post Covid-19 Digital World.",,,Marcom,"Digital Marketing Master Class Course By Udemy, And Google Analytics For Beginners By Google Analytics Academy.", "ANISHA SINGH","OB & HR","Business Analytics",B.Com,"Lucknow University","Tian Events","A Study On Work Life Balance ",,,"HR Generalist","Managing Talent", "ANITA KUMARI",Finance,"Business Analytics",B.Com,"Ram Garhia Girls College","Azuke Finance","A Study Of Factors Affecting The Investment Behavior Of The Retail Investors",6,"Subash Vipan & Co.","Financial Research (FR)","1. Introduction Of Corporate Finance 2. Introduction Of Derivatives", "ANKIT GUPTA",Finance,"Business Analytics",BBA,"School Of Business Studies",Paytm,"A Study Of Payment Gateway For Start-Up Under The Movement Of ?Build For India? By Paytm To Create Better Payment Gateway For Start-Ups In India.",,,"Financial Research (FR)","Financial Analyst Course From Udemy", "ANUSHA GUPTA","OB & HR","Business Analytics",BBA,"Rukmini Devi Institute Of Advanced Studies",Alpe,"Market Research To Assess The Consumer Behaviour For Implementing The Alpe App In India",,,"HR Analytics","Coursera Courses(Onboarding Recruitment And Selection,People Analytics,)Preparing To Manage Human Resources", "ARPON MAJUMDER",Marketing,"Business Analytics",B.TECH.,Dscsdec,Arises,"A Research And Study Of The Biodiesel Industry In The Future Market, And Analyzing The Availability Of Used Cooking Oil (Uco) In Indian Market,",,,Marcom,, "ARYA SHREE",Finance,,B.Com,INOGU,"Silaris Informations Pvt. Ltd.","A study on expense control at Silaris Informations Pvt. Ltd.",,,"Financial Research (FR)",, "ASHISH SHARMA",Marketing,"Operations Management",BBA,Fimt,Reportcard,"To Enhance The Sales & Marketing Strategy Of Reportcard",,,"Business Development/ Sales",, "ASIF MANSOORI",Marketing,"Operations Management",BBA,"Jaipur Commerce College",Scyara,"Best Sales Practices In Post Covid Scenario",,,"Business Development/ Sales",, "ASTHA RAI",Marketing,Finance,BBA,"Bhartiya Vidyapeeth Deemed University",PeerSpot,"A Study On Students? Perspective On Effectiveness Of Peerspot In India.",,,"Business Development/ Sales",, "ATUL ANANT",Marketing,"Operations Management",B.TECH.,"Techno India",Talk360,"Development of marketing strategies for Talk360 to solidify their hold in the Indian market. ",,,"Business Development/ Sales","Digital Marketing By Udemy, Tcs Ion", "AWANI GUPTA","Operations Management",Marketing,BBA,"Ramswaroop Memorial University",Pamcargo,"To Study The Key Obstacles Faced By Pam Cargo Due To Covid -19.",,,SCM-Freight,"Six Sigma Green Belt,Digital Marketing,Lean Six Sigma,Customer Service", "AYUSH DWIVEDI",Marketing,"Business Analytics",B.Com,"Islamia College Of Commerce",Navicare,"Marketing Research On Navicare?S Competitor To Expand Their Business Into Medical Tourism",,,"Business Development/ Sales","Website Designing, Modern Vlogging, Creating Facebook Ads , Creating A Membership Website, Social Media Marketing Course Etc.", "AYUSH KUMAR",Marketing,,BBA,"Mahraja Surajmal Institute",Talk360,"Identifying The Business Opportunities Of Talk360 In New Markets",9,,Marcom,"Strategic Promotion, Content Writing", "AYUSHI AGARWAL",Finance,"Business Analytics",B.Com,65,"Basic Roots - Edtech","To Propose An Investment Plan To The Investors Of Ed-Tech Startups In India",,,"Corporate Finance and Accounting","Participation And Volunteer In College Events", "B ASIMA","Operations Management","Business Analytics",B.TECH.,C.E.T,"Coshal Art","Understand And Improve Strategies To Increase Efficiency Of Supply Chain Of Coshal Arts",,,MT-Operations,, "BHAVYA KALRA","OB & HR","Business Analytics",B.Com,"Moti Lal Nehru College",Mashauri,"To Assist The Leadership In Designing And Running An Online Experiential Learning Programme And Thereby Increasing The Efficiency Of The Programme.",,,"HR Analytics","Microsoft Power Bi, Recruiting Hiring And Onboarding Employees", "BHAWNA KAUSHIK","Operations Management",Marketing,BBA,"Banarasi Das Chandiwala Institute Of Professional Studies",Pamcargo,"Study The Constant Engagement With Customers To Establish Strong Business Relationships During Covid19.",,,SCM-Freight,"Lockdown The Lockdown", "BIPANCHY KALITA","OB & HR",Marketing,B.A.,"Wilson College","Tian Events","The Art Of Building A Great Team: Hiring, Engagement And Retention At Tian Events.",,,"HR Generalist",, "BITUPON BURAGOHAIN","Operations Management",Marketing,B.TECH.,"Ku School Of Enginering And Technology",IncubateIND,"Business Development And Operations For Online Programs",,,MT-Operations,, "BRIJ BIHARI",Marketing,"Operations Management",B.Sc,"Allahabad Central",Code4kids,"Implement Contemporary Technologies Enabled Curriculum In Elementary Schools",,,"Business Development/ Sales","Fundamentals Of Digital Marketing", "CHAHAT ARORA",Finance,"Business Analytics",B.Com,"Lakshmibai College",Paytm,"Analyzing The Start-Up Eco System Of India And Devising The Strategies For Paytm To Incorporate Them To Interface With This Culture.",,,"Financial Research (FR)",, "CHANDRADEV MANDA","Operations Management",Marketing,BCA,"Calcutta Institute Of Engineering And Management","Yoma Group","Market Analysis HR Industry",,,MT-Operations,, "CHARU KAUSHIK",Finance,"Business Analytics",B.A.,"Janki Devi Memorial College",Takachar,"Comprehensive Evaluation On The Value Stream Of Activated Carbon Production And Developing A Financial Model Accordingly.",,,"Corporate Finance and Accounting","Financial Modelling (Coursera), Start-Up Valuation Methods (Coursera), Microsoft Advance Excel (Udemy)", "CHERIN CHACKO SAM",Marketing,"Operations Management",BBA,"Trinity Institue Of Professional Studies",Code4kids,"Analyzing Gaps And Developing Effective Marketing Strategies For Code4Kids.",,,"Business Development/ Sales","1. Google Digital Unlocked 2. Instagram Marketing", DEEPANJALI,Marketing,"Business Analytics",B.Com,Satyawati,Speaknow,"Analysing And Helping Speak Penetrating The Indian And Asian Market",,,"Business Development/ Sales","Digital Marketing, Google Analytic ", "DEEPANSHU PANWAR",Finance,"Business Analytics",B.A.,"Aryabhatta College",Paytm,"To Study The Start-Up Eco-System Of India And Formulate The Strategies For Paytm Payment Gateway To Consolidate Them To Interface With The Startup Ecosystem.",,,"Financial Research (FR)","Pursuing Financial Analysis Course 2020 From Udemy", DEEPIKA,Finance,,BBA,"Maharani College","Basic Roots - Edtech","Investment Analysis Of Ed-Tech Startups In India.",,,"Corporate Finance and Accounting","The Complete Financial Analyst Training And Investing Course", "DEEVANSHU CHADHA",Marketing,"Business Analytics",B.Com,"Du (Sol)",Scyara,"Recalibration of Company?s Management and Operations Model",,,"Business Development/ Sales","Advance In Google Analytics, The Fundamental Of Digital Marketing", "DEVANSHI JOHAR",Finance,"Business Analytics",BBA,"Rukmini Devi Institute Of Advanced Studies",Paytm,"A Study On Financial Research Analysis Of Paytm-Build For India.",,,"Financial Research (FR)",, DHEERAJ,Marketing,"Operations Management",B.Com,"Saheed Bhagat Singh College Delhi University",Precisely,"Analysis Of Precisely Marketing Strategy To Grow Its Student User Base",,,"Business Development/ Sales",, "DIKSHI GULATI",Marketing,"Operations Management",BBA,"Technology And Management Of Institute Fairfield",X10ed,"Creative Strategies In Social Media Marketing: An Exploratory Study Of Social Media Content And Customer Engagement For Stanplus",,,"Business Development/ Sales","1.Fundamentals Of Digital Marketing 2.Google Analytics 3. Seo 2020: Training With Seo Expert", "DIPANSHI DEERA","OB & HR","Business Analytics",B.Com,"Moti Lal Nehru College","Tian Events","Relevance Of Framework And Guidelines For A Thriving Organizational Culture.",,,"HR Generalist","Managing Talent, Leading People And Teams, Effective Communication In The Globalized Workplace ", DIPANSHU,Finance,"Business Analytics",B.Com,"Government College Kanina","Basic Roots - Solar","A Study On Project Valuation Of Smaller Solar Players For M&A With Bigger Solar Players.",,,"Financial Research (FR)",, "GAURAV AGARWAL",Finance,"Business Analytics",B.Com,"Sgnd Khalsa College","Turnkey Lender","A Study On The Digital Lending Market In Vietnam",,,"Financial Research (FR)"," The Complete Investment Banking Course 2020;Ms-Excel 2016 Beginner And Intermediate Level; Investment Analysis And Portfolio Management; Investment Portfolio Analysis With Excel; Project-Analyze Stock Data Using R And Quantmod Package; Project- Portfolio Optimization Using Markowitz Model; Technical Analysis", "GAURAV CHAUHAN","Operations Management","Business Analytics",B.Com,"Shaheed Bhagat Singh College",Pamcargo,"Finding Ways To Reinvent Current Supply Chain Structure As Custom Laws Being Specific To Each Country.",,,SCM-Freight,, "HARSHIT VERMA",Finance,"Business Analytics",B.Com,"Allahabad University",Y-East,"Solidify Financial Sustainability Of Y- East",,,"Corporate Finance and Accounting",, "HARSHITA MEHTA",Marketing,"OB & HR",B.Com,"Mata Sundari College","Leap Learner","A Study Of Business Development Strategies In Leap Learner",24,"Srishti Infra. Pvt. Ltd. Urban Clap","Business Development/ Sales",, "HARSIMRAN SINGH BARMI","Operations Management",Marketing,BBA,"Iitm Janakuri",Arises,"A Study Of Identifying Potential Partners For Business Development, In Arises",6,"Heidrick & Struggles",MT-Operations,"Supply Chain Logistics", "HIMANSHU BAISLA",Finance,"Business Analytics",B.A.,"Deshbandhu College",Lal10,"Analysis Of The Financial Statement And Evaluation Of The Business Model.",,,"Financial Research (FR)","Portfolio And Risk Management", "HIMANSHU MISHRA",Marketing,"Operations Management",B.Com,"Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapeeth",Trift,"Product Growth Strategy and Marketing Ideation at Trift",,,Marcom,Figma, "HINA BAJAJ",Marketing,Finance,B.Com,"Pgdav College , Nehru Nagar",Finalrentals,"Identifying Challenges And Business Opportunities For Expansion Of Finalrentals In Accordance To Target Markets In India And Abroad.",,,"Business Development/ Sales","1. Sales Training (Coursera). 2. Introduction To Negotiations(Coursera). 3 Research Proposal (Coursera). 4. Excel Skills (Udemy) ", "HRITIK PAREEK",Finance,"Business Analytics",BBA,"Ssg Pareek College",Credenc,"Understanding the process of financial inclusion at Credenc",,,"Financial Research (FR)","Introduction To Corporate Finance By Cfi, Introduction To Derivatives By Cfi, Excel Crash Course By Cfi, Accounting Fundamentals By Cfi, Reading Of Financial Statements By Cfi ", "JATIN CHOUDHARY",Marketing,Finance,BBA,"Delhi Institute Of Advanced Studies","Leap Learner","Market Research To Understand The Consumer Behavior For The Company- Leap Learner.",,,"Business Development/ Sales","Digital Marketing", "JATIN NANDA",Finance,"Business Analytics",BBA,"Kamal Inst.",Lal10,"Analysis of the Financial Statement and Evaluation of the Business Model of Lal10",,,"Financial Research (FR)",Submitted, "KARANJIT SINGH",Marketing,"Operations Management",BBA,"New Horizon College-Marathahalli",LinkedIn,"An effective strategy to increase the market share and revenue for LinkedIn Talent and Learning Solutions",,,"Business Development/ Sales",, "KARTIK DHOOT",Finance,"Business Analytics",B.Com,"Sd Govt College",Credenc,"Market Out reach and credit risk analysis of short ticket loan ",,,"Financial Research (FR)","Investment Banking, Portfolio Management", KHUSHBOO,Finance,"Business Analytics",B.Com,"Delhi University","The H-Web","Costing A Venture Capital Training Apprenticeship",,,"Corporate Finance and Accounting","Corporate Finance Course 2020", "KHUSHBU BHAGIA",Finance,"Business Analytics",BBA,"Maharaja Sujamal Institute",Y-East,"Business Product Development to solidify Y-East Financial Sustainability",,,"Financial Research (FR)","Investment Banking, Portfolio Management", "KHUSHITA BHAGIA",Finance,"Business Analytics",BBA,"Maharaja Sujamal Institute",Lal10,"Financial Modeling & Sustainable analysis for products of Lal10",,,"Financial Research (FR)","Investment Banking, Portfolio Selection And Risk Management, Introduction To Valuation With Wacc", "KRISHNA CHANDNA",Marketing,"Business Analytics",BBA,"Kasturi Ram College Of Higher Education",Bizztech,"A Comprehensive Study Of Event Management Industry: Making Viable Business Development Strategies For Bizztech",,,"Business Development/ Sales","1. Advanced Excel Course From Coursera (Cleared Two Levels Namely (A) Excel Skills For Business: Essentials (B) Excel Skills For Business: Intermediate I And (2) I Have Done Internship With Bizztech Provided By Ingenious Face Along With That I Am Doing Internship With Payu As A Consultant Which Will End At The End Of Month June (May-June).", "KUNAL KUMAR SINGH",Marketing,"Operations Management",BBA,"Ies College Of Education Kalkheda",Arises,"Waste-To-Green Energy",,,Marcom,Google, "KUSH MANGLA",Marketing,Finance,BBA,"Dav Institute Of Management , Faridabad","Tian Events","Customer Acquisition and Strategies for Increasing Brand Awareness at Tian Events ",,,"Business Development/ Sales","Fundamentals Of Digital Marketing From Google", "KUSHANK DUSSA",Marketing,Finance,B.Com,"Wilsonia Degree College",10leaves,"Challenge To Devise A Growth And Diversification Strategy For 10 Leaves",,,"Business Development/ Sales",, "LAKSHAY ARORA",Marketing,"Operations Management",BBA,"Banarsidas Chandiwala Institute Of Professional Studies","Thrive Global - BD","Study And Analyzing The Stress Level Of The Clients Of Thrive Global",,,"Business Development/ Sales",, LAKSHITA,Finance,,B.Com,"Ramanujan College","Asco Asia","Business model of handicraft sector",,,"Banking Operation (BO)",, "LIBI MANUEL","OB & HR",Marketing,B.Com,"International College For Girls",Chessmatec,"Developing Strategic Process By Which Company Can Reach The Potential Clients And Strategy To Cater To The Issues Faced By Chessmatec Users And Designing Jd And Kpis For Bd Manager, Chessmatec",,,"Talent Acquisition (TA)","Online Certifications (Managing Talent, Google Digital Unlocked)", "LOVE KUMAR BHARDWAJ",Marketing,"Operations Management",BCA,"Iimt Engineering College Meerut",Reportcard,"Developing Cost-Efficient Market Strategies For Reportcard To Enter Delhi-NCR, India",,,"Business Development/ Sales",, "MADHAV DIXIT",Marketing,Finance,B.Com,"Vssd College",Buuuk,"A Study On Strategic Planning And Implementation, In Buuuk",,,"Business Development/ Sales","Google Digital Garage; Sales Training: Building Your Sales Career; Sales Training: Technique For A Human- Centric Sales Process; Science Of Exercise", "MANISH KUMAR",Marketing,"Operations Management",BBA,Ncu,X10ed,"Research Analysis of Marketing strategies to stanplus in emerging markets.",,,"Business Development/ Sales",, "MANISH SHARMA",Finance,Marketing,B.Com,Sol,"Azuke Finance","What Is The Best Portfolio To Hold In Long Term Investment And Have Cash, Equity, Bonds And Gold As An Elements?",,,"Banking Operation (BO)",, "MANSI AGARWAL",Finance,"Business Analytics",B.Sc,,"The H-Web","Costing Of Venture Capital Training Apprenticeship Program.",,,"Corporate Finance and Accounting","Introduction To Corporate Finance (By Cfi) ", Mayank,Marketing,,BBA,"Bhai Parmanand Institute Of Business Studies",Blade,"Market Research For Blade?S Expansion In India",,,Marcom,, "MAYANK SETHI",Marketing,Finance,BBA,"Dav Institute Of Management , Faridabad","Thrive Global - BD","A Study Of Sales, Business Development And Social Media Management At Thrive Global",,,"Business Development/ Sales","1. Career Edge: Knockdown The Lockdown; An Online Course Offered By Tcs Ion. 2.The Fundamentals Of Digital Marketing By Google ", "MEENAL SINGH",Marketing,"Operations Management",B.TECH.,Shivnadar,Precisely,"Formulation of strategy to enhance customer base of Precisely considering post-covid market challenges.",,,"Business Development/ Sales",, "MEHTAB KHAN",Marketing,"Operations Management",B.TECH.,"Subharti Institute Of Technology & Engineering","Prowisdom Growth","Business Development On E-Learning Platform For Prowisdom",,,"Business Development/ Sales","Google Digital Unlocked, Sales Executive Certificate, Google Analytics And Tata Ion Knockdown The Lockdown", "MOHAMAD DANISH FAROOQI",Marketing,"Operations Management",BBA,Bbdu,10leaves,"A Study On Growth And Diversification Strategies For 10 Leaves",,,"Business Development/ Sales",, "MOHD. ZISHAN",Marketing,"Operations Management",B.Com,"Moti Lal Nehru College",LinkedIn,"Market and Competitors Analysis For Increasing the Revenue of LinkedIn",21,"Day In Day Out","Business Development/ Sales","Advance Excel, Digital Marketing, Tcs Communication Skills, Sales And Negotiation", "MOHINI GUPTA",Marketing,Finance,B.Com,Universitypatna,Scyara,"Company Image Enhancement And Fund Raising In Covid Scenario",,,Marcom,"I Had Completed Digital Marketing Course ,Completed Business Development Course , Completed Internship In 3 Company. Company Name (Campus Ambassador) ", "MOHIT KUMAR SHARMA",Marketing,Finance,B.A.,"Sri Guru Nanak Dev Khalsa College",Skillr,"A Study Analyzing Business Development Techniques And Role Of 21St Century Recruitment Skills",,,"Business Development/ Sales","Fundamentals Of Digital Marketing- Google Digital Garage, Google Analytics For Beginners", "MONIKA KASHYAP","OB & HR","Business Analytics",BBA,"Sunderwati Mahila Mahavidyalaya,Bhagalpur","Thrive Global - Research","Research and Analyse the Documents Required to Scale Up DOT Glasses in India from Human Resource Aspect",,,"HR Generalist","Google Ad Search Https://Skillshop.Exceedlms.Com/Student/Award/47611695 Content Marketing Https://Hubspot-Academy.S3.Amazonaws.Com/Prod/Tracks/User-Certificates/81Fcf70F80B64A498B40E08B87D58E8A-1588236905988.Png", "NAMAN JAIN",Marketing,Finance,B.Com,"Sgtb Khalsa University",PeerSpot,"Digital Marketing Strategy Of Peerspot Along With Cost And Competitor Analysis.",,,"Business Development/ Sales",, "NATWAR KUMAR",Finance,Marketing,B.Com,Mbu,Shopback,"Valuation Of Start-Ups? Project In Retail And Agriculture Sector.",36,"Rb Educartion Society","Corporate Finance and Accounting","Mutual Fund Foundation Certification, Valuation For Startups Using Discounted Cash Flows Approach, Understanding Financial Statements, Introduction To Corporate Finance, Fundamentals Of Credit, Portfolio And Risk Management, Introduction To Financial Markets, Excel, ", "NEEHARIKA SINGH","OB & HR","Business Analytics",B.A.,"Aryabhatta College","Dot Glasses","A Study On Setting Up Dot Glasses In India: Through The Lens Of Human Resource Department.",,,"HR Analytics","Accenture Discovery Program, Organizational Design Iimbx, Contract Management Tcs Ion And Agile Hr, Udemy", "NEERAJ BISHT",Marketing,"Operations Management",B.Com,"S S Jain Subodh Pg Autonomous College","Leap Learner","Market Analysis For Evolving Marketing And Sales Strategy For The Leap Learner-India",,,"Business Development/ Sales",, "NEHA AGARWAL",Marketing,"Business Analytics",B.Com,"College Womens Jamshedpur",Trift,"To Provide Better Content For The Website Of Trift By Assessing The Need Of Virtual Travel Experiences Of Travellers.",,,Marcom,"Through Udemy (Digital Marketing); Through Coursera(Digital Marketing, Persoanl Branding), Google(Google Analytics)", "NEHA KUMARI",Marketing,"operations Management",BCA,"Calcutta Institute Of Engineering And Management",Navicare,"Navicare Medical Tourism",,,"Business Development/ Sales",, "NIKITA MISHRA",Marketing,"operations Management",B.Com,"Himalayan University",Code4kids,"Developing Efficient Marketing Plan For Code4Kids",,,"Business Development/ Sales","Google Certification", "NIMIT ARORA",Marketing,Finance,BBA,"Bml Munjal University",Skillr,"A Study Of Business Development Process And Application Of Lead Generation Techniques.",,,"Business Development/ Sales",, "NIRBHAY GODLAW","OB & HR",Marketing,B.A.,"School Of Open Learning",Alpe,"Strategy To Market The Alpe App And Increase Customers.",,,"HR Generalist","Hr For People Managers, Recruiting , Hiring And Onboarding.", "NITIN GAUR",Marketing,"Operations Management",B.TECH.,"Rajasthan Technical University",Smartsenz,"To provide expansion strategies by analyzing potential players & market of IPM industries in Africa.",,,"Business Development/ Sales","Strategy Consulting Virtual Experience By Bcg", "NITYA PORWAL",Marketing,"Operations Management",BBA,"Psit College Of Engineering",,"A Study Of Expansion Of Business Globally By Providing The Premier Services To The Clients",,,"Business Development/ Sales","The Fundamentals Of Digital Marketing Certification-Google, Tcsion Certificate, Inbound Marketing Certificate, Google Ads Search Certification, Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies And Skills", "PALLABI MEDHI",Marketing,,B.A.,"Handique GirlS College",Scyara,"Recalibration Of Company?S Management And Operations Model",48,Shristirupa,Marcom,"Python, Market Analytics", PANKAJ,"Operations Management","Business Analytics",B.Sc,"Ihm Pusa","Yoma Group","Getting In New Market On Freemium Model For Providing Hris/Hcm Sytems For Sme, And Organizations",19,"Food Craft India Pvt. Ltd.","MT- Service Operation",, PARUL,Finance,"Business Analytics",BBA,Kiheat,"Azuke Finance","To Study The Factors Affecting Individual Investment-Behavior",7,"Authbridge Research Services Ovt. Ltd.","Business Analyst (BA)",, "PAYAL BATRA",Finance,"Business Analytics",BBA,"Teerthankar Mahaveer University",Takachar,"Comprehensive Evaluation On The Value Stream Of Activated Carbon Production And Developing A Financial Model Accordingly.",,,"Corporate Finance and Accounting","Startup Valuation Methods", "PIYUSH CHOTIA",Finance,"Business Analytics",BBA,"Bjs Rampuria Jain College",iLoan,"Financial research",,,"Financial Research (FR)",, "PRADIPTA SAHA",Marketing,"Operations Management",BBA,"Nshm College Of Management And Technology","Incubate IND","Analysing Market, Developing Business And Increasing Brand Value For Incubateind Globally.",,,"Business Development/ Sales","Script Sent To The Mentor.", "PRAGYA AGRAWAL","OB & HR","Business Analytics",BBA,"Banasthali Vidyapeeth",Mashauri,"Designing And Running An Online Experiential Program For Increasing The Efficiency In The Student?S Entrepreneurial Mindset At Mashauri.",,,"HR Generalist","People Analytics", PRATEEK,Marketing,"Operations Management",B.A.,Eiilm,Code4kids,"Business Development For Code4Kids By Using Different Platforms",,,"Business Development/ Sales",, "PRATEEK SRIVASTAVA",Marketing,Finance,B.Com,"Lucknow Christian College","Leap Learner","Assisted Leaplearner India Move Off-Line Customer Base To Completely Online Structure.",,,"Business Development/ Sales","Bcg Strategy Consulting Virtual Experience Program", "PRAVESH JAISWAL",Marketing,Finance,B.Com,"Pmb Gujrati Commerec Colleg","Tian Events","A Study On Competitor Market Analysis And Marketing Strategy Creation For Increasing The Sales.",,,"Business Development/ Sales",, "PREETI BARMAH",Marketing,"Operations Management",B.Sc,"Guwahati College","Growth Tribe","A Study On Investigating B-Models For Growth Tribe To Succeed In India.",,,Marcom,"Digital Marketing Course", "PREETI RATHOR",Finance,"Operations Management",B.Com,"Dayalbagh Educational Institute","The H-Web","Costing A Venture Capital Training Apprenticeship",,,"Financial Research (FR)",, "PRIYA GARG",Finance,"Business Analytics",BBA,"Jb Knowledge Park",Credenc,"A Study of Education loan at Credenc",,,"Financial Research (FR)","Introduction To Finance, Accounting, Modelling And Valuation- Udemy", "PRIYA GUPTA",Marketing,"Business Analytics",B.Sc,"Pt. Prithi Nath Degree College",Skillr,"Business Development & Hiring Trends (Charting A Path To A New Normal)",,,"Business Development/ Sales","Digital Marketing Strategy& Planning, Content Managemnt, International B2B", "PULKIT SHISHODIA",Marketing,Finance,BBA,"Reliable Institute",Skillinabox,"A Study On The Effect Of ?Skillinabox? In Enhancing The Skills & Employability.",,,"Business Development/ Sales","Negotiation - Yale University, Digital Marketing -Google ", "RAJAT KAUSHIK","Operations Management","Business Analytics",BCA,"Hierank Business School , Noida","Dot Glasses","A Research To Create System & Process Management For Dot Glasses To Maintain The Inventory & Logistical Movements.",,,MT-Operations,"Supply Chain Principles From Coursera", "RAKSHIT GUPTA",Marketing,"Business Analytics",BBA,"National Pg College","Tian Events","Analyzing New Trends In Event Management Company",,,Marcom,"1. Digital Marketing By Google, 2. Excel Skills For Business, 3. 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To Derive Position Strategy For Iloan In This Scenario",,,"Financial Research (FR)","The Complete Investment Banking Course", "SAJAL SUMAN",Marketing,Finance,BBA,S.M.College,Smartsenz,"To Evaluate Business Plan Of Smartsenz Social Franchise And Give Alternate Solution.",,,Marcom,, "SAKSHAM TRIVEDI",Marketing,"Operations Management",BBA,"S S Jain Subodh Pg Autonomous College",Buuuk,"A Research Devise On B2B Marketing Strategy To Position Buuuk As A Premium Design &Innovation Consultancy For The Singapore Market.",,,"Business Development/ Sales","Sales And Negotiation", "SAKSHI JAIN",Finance,"Business Analytics",B.Com,"Lingayas Lalita Devi Institute Of Management & Science","Azuke Finance","A Study On Past World Economic/Financial Crisis To Predict The Post Corona Effects On Investment Decision",,,"Banking Operation (BO)","Introduction To Financial Markets- Indian School Of Business (Coursera)", "SAKSHI KANOJIA","OB & HR",Marketing,BBA,"Galgotias University",Chessmatec,"Develop A Strategy To Measure The Growth Of The Chessmatec By Their Clients And Bd Manager",,,"Talent Acquisition (TA)","Did Online Course From Coursera Recruiting, Hiring And Onboarding Employees ", "SAKSHI SETHI",Finance,"Business Analytics",BBA,"Institute Of Information Technology And Management","Azuke Finance","A Study On Past World Economic/Financial Crisis To Predict The Post Corona Effects On Investment Decision",,,"Financial Research (FR)","Yes, Introduction To Financial Modelling And Valuation From Udemy, Digital Marketing From Google, Portfolio And Risk Management From Coursera", "SAKSHI SINGH",Marketing,Finance,B.Com,"Awadh Girls Degree College",Finalrentals,"Increase The Brand Visibility And Developing Business For Finalrentals.Com Globally.",,,"Business Development/ Sales","Already Mentioned In The E-Portfolio Script And Submitted.", "SANGITA ADAK",Marketing,"Business Analytics",B.TECH.,"Guru Nanak Institute Of Technology",Reportcard,"Customer Acquisition And Brand Awareness Of Reportcard Through Business Development, Sales, Negotiation",,,"Business Development/ Sales","Digital Marketing, Digital Analytics From Google", "SAUMYA SRIVASTAVA",Marketing,,B.Sc,"Siddharth University",5by7,"To effectively promote a personal brand through content syndication ",,,Marcom,"1.Fundamentals Of Digital Marketing (Google) 2. 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